Neurological illnesses are long term. The treatment is very intensive and draining. The way back to the most autonomous lifestyle is accompanied by great challenges for patients and relatives. Success involves tiny, hard earned steps of progress. Intensive and continuous aftercare can help this process.

The Starting Point

In Germany, the conventional healthcare system actually puts the emphasis on the acute and early treatment, as well as on maintenance. In this sector, substantial sums are invested and the latest robots and devices are used. For many concerned parties, the new, effective and contemporary options of therapy for outpatients are however denied: The therapies are hardly known, scarce or not reimbursed by the funding agencies.

New Ways

AMBULANTICUM® starts right here by breaking new ground: We are the first therapy centre world-wide, that puts the emphasis on the neurological aftercare by transferring the latest scientific insights into our practice and making use of the latest holistic therapeutic procedures, which are adapted to target each patient and his needs individually. It is our aim to give mobility, self-determination and quality of life back to those concerned, as well as to relieve the care giving relatives.

To reach this goal, we combine robotic-assisted and device supported therapeutic interventions, including Biofeedback, with reliable therapy methods such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. We work with an interdisciplinary structure and offer holistically appropriate therapeutic measures by concentrating on a wide range of treatment under one roof, and avoid a time consuming and costly tourism for treatment across Europe.

Since 2012 we have already been able to help many individuals with limitations, as well as their partners, to enjoy life again and to participate actively in a social and cultural life, despite a physical setback. We at AMBULANTICUM® would like to make this contemporary outpatient aftercare, which is customised for the individual, available to as many concerned as possible.

Here you can find out more about our available therapy on offer.

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