Patient and relatives

A neurological illness does not only affect the patient. Relatives must also adjust to a completely different lifestyle, which has many challenges and can be rather draining. They are, simultaneously, crucial pillars for the patients: They give support in everyday life, give courage and are a vital reason for many affected persons, to work on themselves daily.

Daily training

We are, therefore, convinced that relatives must be involved in the therapeutic treatment and the goal setting. When everyday life also becomes a training ground, patients acquire their independence much sooner and everyday life together increases in quality on both sides.

Expert guidance

Our therapists at AMBULANTICUM® offer guidance and special training measures for relatives. The goal is to impart more peace of mind and self-confidence while interacting with and caring for family members. Additional conversations help to put the personal situations into perspective. They assist the relative with a wide range of suggestions and helpful tips to cope with the important task of everyday interaction.

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