Robotic and equipment based therapy

The main focus of our therapy for neurologically affected adults, children and adolescents is based on a collection of proven therapy methods of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sport therapy and speech therapy in combination with contemporary, robotic assisted and device and computer supported treatment methods with augmented performance feedback.

The expert and professional application of our robotic and equipment based methods are core components and the basis for the internationally recognised concept at AMBULANTICUM®.

We offer our patients all the necessary equipment and forms of therapy under one roof, for a successful course of development. These include, for example, the Erigofor patient mobilisation, the world’s first robotic based gait trainer Lokomat® Pro, or, state of the art authentic gait training on the orchestrated treadmill system C-Mill, diverse arm trainer systems such as the Armeo® Springfor a functional three dimensional training, or the System Pablo® and Neofect Smart Glovewith therapeutically coordinated augmented performance feedback for the rehabilitation of active arm and hand functionality. Robotic and sensory supported finger-hand rehabilitation equipment, such as the Amadeoand the Smart Boardare also used at AMBULANTICUM®to support the recovery of normal arm function.

Additional device supported therapies with which we work, include electrical muscle activation (EMA)and the Matrix Rhythm Therapy, amongst others. Various standing-/ balance-trainers, the 3D Spacecurl and the whole-body trainer Nustep are all integral parts of our robotic and equipment based therapy.

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