At AMBULANTICUM®we treat and train both children and adults with neuro-motor conditions. In the spacious and light-flooded in and outdoor areas, the most innovative therapy equipment and methods are available to our patients in the neurological aftercare of a wide variety of illnesses.

Here, people affected by a stroke or those who have had a spinal cord injury, a traumatic brain injury, people with cerebral palsy, morbus parkison or multiple sclerosis, as well as those affected by scarcer neurological conditions, all find help.

Caregiver training, self-help training, as well as provision of necessary assistive devices all belong to the range of services of course.

We work according to a holistic approach within an interdisciplinary team. Our therapists are trained according to the HoDT concept – Concept for activity orientated diagnostic and therapy and regularly receive further vocational education, for example the in-service training “Understanding gait (Gehen verstehen)” Kirsten Götz-Neumann or “Functional neuroanatomy of motor skills and their disorders” Prof. Dr. Nelson Annunciato.

The functional analytical measures which accompany our therapy on an ongoing basis both document and provide our patients with a constant highly motivating performance control. They also serve as helpful proof of progress and performance for referring parties or funding agencies. In such a manner, the patient’s successes are controlled and documented closely.

If you would like to know if and how we can help you and your relatives, please feel free to contact us.

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