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outpatient based, interdisciplinary, intensive therapy for neurological conditions

Approximately 3.000.000 people live in Germany with a neurological condition. Despite comprehensive and modern acute care, many affected persons have significant limitations with regards to independence and quality of life.

With the help of contemporary and interdisciplinary therapies, we can effectively help children and adults in late rehab.

For the highest possible return to an independent and active life, AMBULANTICUM® has pooled together a number of treatment fields consisting of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sport sciences therapy and speech and language therapy and combined them with modern robotic and computer assisted biofeedback therapies under one roof.

Our internet site offers you detailed insights and comprehensive information regarding the extensive therapy types and the possibilities which each of you has. Gather a first impression for yourself and approach us with questions at any time!

Der Auslöser

„I’ll have a stroke!“ Who of us have not said this sentence thoughtlessly at some point? Nearly just as often, a person does indeed experience a stroke.

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At AMBULANTICUM®we treat and train both children and adults with neurological disorders in late rehab using the most innovative therapy equipment and methods.

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In the service section, you will find answers to important questions, downloads and also addresses for information centres. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.

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Heart and soul


“They help patients back onto their feet! As health policy expert, I’ve seen quite a bit – but nothing like your institution.”

(Susanne Schneider, MdL FDP)

„For you it is not just a profession, but a calling to help people.”

(Fabian und Carmen Schmeling)

„It really moved us to see how the whole team works with and for a person.”

(Michael und Evelyn Ohs)

„There are places which give you courage, strength and help… for us Ambulanticum is such a place.”

(Tom Propping und P. Propping)

„The best therapists since I‘ve needed therapy! High motivation and a lot of heart. At Ambulanticum, the muscles get tired, the legs learn to walk and the soul flies.”

(Narina Nadko)

„What remains fiction for others, is already reality here regarding what therapy (therapist + technique) can provide.”

(Ch. Grunow, G. Holig, Medical Park)

„To find everything under one roof in their “house of possibilities”, is like finding a rare gem: we are fascinated by the diverse therapy possibilities.”

(Doris Kaiser, Anne Friese-Hendriks, Thorsten Richter)

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