„At the outset, innovation means a good idea. And then a large portion of courage: Courage to separate oneself from the majority, to risk the unprecedented. To follow goals despite resistance. To encounter mistrust, to deal with criticism and setbacks.“

Prof. Dr. Heinz Riesenhuber


AMBULANTICUM®, in Herdecke, is the first outpatient based, interdisciplinary therapy centre worldwide of its kind.

Our team of 32 professionals, offers contemporary treatment methods combining modern robotic and computer assisted biofeedback systems along with reliable therapy modules consisting of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sport and movement therapy, as well as speech and language therapy, on an area of 1600m2spread over 3 stories.

Latest Technology Training Equipment

Our cutting edge equipment consists of equipment devices such as the Gait trainer Lokomat®Pro and the ProFreeD, the C-Mill, the Erigo, the arm trainer Armeo®Spring, the 3-D Spacecurl for equilibrium and co-ordination training of the torso muscles, the computer supported arm and finger trainer Amadeo® and Pablo®, the Neofect Smart Board, the Smart Glove and the Smart Pegboard as well as the Terra Trainer Tigo and Balo.

The outpatient therapeutic streamlining of all these procedures under one roof enables us to offer a unique, versatile and effective treatment for every phase of the disorder.

Lernen Sie das AMBULANTICUM® im Film kennen! Produktion, Copyright: media-for-brands.de

Therapy garden in an outdoor area

All the areas of our therapy centre are structured in a spacious, light and modern style, obviously with barrier-free accessibility. The climbing wall in the foyer supports our patients during the development of strength, co-ordination and torso stability.

The extensive outdoor area, consisting of 8.000m2, offers a variety of independent training stations and a caringly created sensitivity trail in the therapy garden. The attractively structured areas provide space for conversations and the peaceful ambience promotes information exchange.

Space for conferences and professional development

Integrated schooling and conference rooms, with overnight accommodation, enable us to present conventions, informative events or further training possibilities for patients, relatives, therapists and doctors from domestic and foreign origin or funding agencies.

Our centre is also available to firms, associations and other institutions for conferences and meetings. You are welcome to complement your conference with one of our versatile movement offers and utilise these for team building or acquaintance purposes.

„Stroke – Cerebrovascular accident“

Exhibition from Michael Donner’s book.

The striking variety of photos show stroke patients in diverse life situations with both feet on the ground again. Each of the patient cases comprises three pictures, which infuse the other involved parties and their relatives with courage and strength. Short texts describe the story of the effected parties, the changes in their lives after the „stroke“ diagnosis, as well as their personal way back to a fulfilling life.

The exhibition can be visited daily. Feel free to come past at AMBULANTICUM®!

More info at http://www.michael-donner.de/

The art project

At AMBULANTICUM® the project of „Legal Graffiti Surfaces“ is implemented in co-operation with the urban youth council of the city of Hagen, the child and youth offices and the city of Hagen itself as well. In this way, young artists from the area receive the opportunity to legally implement their own ideas and designs on the subject of rehabilitation.

For this purpose, AMBULANTICUM® provides approximately 25 to 30 legal surfaces inside and outside the building. This project aims to point youth in a direction away from illegality, supports individual talents and abilities, while simultaneously giving new courage and confidence to the concerned parties.

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