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You would like to take a look at our basic press release, download our logo or use pictures for media coverage? All information and materials are available here for practical downloading:

Press-kit AMBULANTICUM® (ZIP, 24 MB)

Images-Package AMBULANTICUM® (ZIP, 22,4 MB)

Logo-Package AMBULANTICUM® (ZIP, 1,5 MB)

Press-Factsheet AMBULANTICUM® (PDF, 1,0 MB)

Company ProfileAMBULANTICUM® (PDF, 0,5 MB)

3 Questions for Dr. Krahl (PDF, 0,2 MB)

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Media Contact and Enquiries

Do you have questions about AMBULANTICUM® and / or are planning a media coverage?
Media representatives m/w/d should please contact the following representative or use the form provided below.

Marion Schrimpf
Leharweg 2, 58313 Herdecke
Tel: 02330 806950

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