What is the difference between an intensive therapy and an outpatient based rehabilitation intervention?

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The intensive therapy, as implemented at AMBULANTICUM®, is a new concept/method for the neurological after care of patients located nearby. The team is comprised of therapists and sport scientists that individually and intensively deal with the after care of patients on a one to one or two to one treatment basis. The therapists of the various departments work hand in hand on the individual goals of the patient, to enable interaction in the shortest and fastest way possible. The team works closely together with the patient’s treating physicians. The nursing relatives, assistants or care givers are involved in the therapy to safeguard the transfer back into the home environment and everyday life. There are no legal provisions for the concept/method as yet. General agreements exist with individual medical aids and funding agencies. AMBULANTICUM® has been approved according to § 124 SGB V.

During outpatient rehabilitation a regional rehabilitation centre with health insurance authorisation needs to be frequented daily. There, the patient receives specific complex interventions from doctors or therapists, under which physiotherapeutic, psychotherapeutic and other services belong. The patient comes to the facilities only for treatment. Should that not be possible, „the rehabilitation comes to you at home“ – which means, that certain services of the rehabilitation and provision are also offered to patients in their familiar surroundings by mobile rehab teams. The treatment is offered on a single or group therapy basis. Rehabilitation is legally regulated in the SGB V § 107 und § 111.

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